This website is a central resource for all those involved in developing NHS communications. It contains detailed guidance on how to apply the NHS brand to communications materials, and provides access to free downloadable guidelines tailored to specific audience groups.

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Review of the NHS Identity guidelines

Since the NHS identity guidelines were produced, the structure of the NHS, the way we provide services and the way we communicate have all significantly changed. Therefore the identity guidelines are being thoroughly reviewed.
The review involves extensive public and stakeholder research and engagement. The new NHS Identity policy and technical guidelines, to reflect the current and future needs of patients, the public and users of the NHS Identity, are planned to be in place by Spring 2016.

The new technical guidelines will be available as a user-friendly online resource. Until they are available, please continue to use the existing guidelines on this website. For full details of the review please visit https://www.england.nhs.uk/ourwork/nhs-identity/

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27 Feb
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