Envelopes and labels

If you are producing envelopes or labels, please follow the format suggested below.


Using the NHS logo or your logotype on envelopes

Your logotype should be scaled according to the envelope size, and you should follow the proportions for publication sizes set out in Your NHS logotype section.

If you need to pre-print envelopes (for example, if you need to include an ‘if undelivered’ note), postal regulations and guidelines mean that the usual positioning requirements for the NHS logo (top or bottom right-hand corner) cannot be applied.

In such instances, the NHS logo or your logotype should be located in the top left-hand corner of the envelope, as shown in the example below. If this is not possible, you should use the bottom right-hand corner.

Bear in mind that, when it comes to envelopes, two-colour print is proportionately more expensive than one-colour print due to the high degree of wastage.

Examples of NHS branded envelopes


Examples of NHS branded labels


Last updated: 29/04/08