Here we set out the specifications for producing NHS letterheads.

Please refer to the relevant visual examples for information on positioning and layout.



On letterheads, your logotype size is measured by the height of the NHS logo. This should be 8.5mm. Position your logotype in the top right-hand corner of your letterhead.

Some organisations still use the Crown Badge or have a crest or insignia which is unique to their organisation and was established before 1948. In this case, you should position your insignia in the top left-hand corner of your letterhead.


Unit or department name

The first line of the address can be used for the title or name of your unit, department, hospital or surgery. The specifications are as follows:

  • Typeface: Frutiger Bold
  • Colour: NHS Blue (Pantone® 300) or black
  • Size: 9 point type
  • Leading: 11 point


Address, telephone, fax and website address

You should allow one standard line-space between your address, telephone number, fax number and website address. You can increase the point size if you think this will make your contact details easier to read. Remember to allow room for a direct-line telephone number and email address, should you need them. The specifications are as follows:

  • Typeface: Frutiger Roman
  • Colour: black
  • Size: 9 point type
  • Leading: 11 point

If you belong to a Trust which has many different addresses, you may wish to leave the address area blank so it can be filled in locally (using Arial). You could arrange for the address of your Trust headquarters to be professionally printed at the bottom of the page.


Other information

There is an area at the bottom of all letterheads which is reserved for the following information:

  • Nationally recongised charter marks, including marks such as Investors in People or Positive about Disabled People.
  • Legal or explanatory information.
  • Address of Trust or PCT headquarters, if required.
  • Details of board members, if required.

Please note: this designated area must not be used for other logos, identities or slogans of any kind. All information included in this area should always be printed in black.


Paper stock

You should print all letterheads on white paper with a weight of no less than 80gsm.

Acute trust A4 letterhead example

Last updated: 14/11/08