NHS Ambulance Service Crown Badge

The Ambulance Service Crown Badge is customised for each NHS ambulance trust by Garter King of Arms.

If you belong to an individual NHS ambulance trust, you are entitled to use your customised Ambulance Service Crown Badge in all aspects of your work. You are also responsible for the management of your customised Crown Badge.

Applying the Crown Badge

For guidance on applying the Crown Badge to stationery, signage, uniforms and vehicles, please refer to guidelines set out in this section. 

Use of the Crown Badge when working in partnership

If you are working in partnership with a non-NHS organisation, you can only use the Crown Badge on materials that are issued jointly by both bodies. As a representative of the NHS ambulance trust involved in the partnership, you must approve the use of the Crown Badge on any such materials.

Obtaining the Crown Badge

To obtain your customised Crown Badge, please contact:

Garter King of Arms
College of Arms
Queen Victoria Street
London EC4V 4BT

Last updated: 19/05/08