Managing your website

Effective content

  • Make sure you have a pool of reliable content providers.
  • Quality check the editorial content and make sure it is easily accessible, navigable and has no broken links.
  • Clear content with the appropriate people before publishing it.
  • Check that it is in line with the overall communication strategy.
  • Reviewed overall content regularly.
  • Remove or archive content when appropriate.

Effective day-to-day operation

Your web team's broad responsibilities should include:

  • Maintaining the integrity of the website's structure, content and availability.
  • Publishing content and ensuring its consistency and accuracy.
  • Setting and maintaining your organisation's style guidelines for the web.
  • Managing the contract with the hosting service.
  • Monitoring bandwidth availability and usage statistics.
  • Keeping internal stakeholders informed of performance against targets.

Formal documentation

Whether your website is produced internally or by an external agency, we recommend full documentation at each stage. This will be a useful reference both for current team members and future staff.

Additionally, the following processes and procedures will be useful:

  • editorial and publishing process;
  • HTML production process;
  • production process for other document formats;
  • house style;
  • roles and responsibilities;
  • archiving;
  • backup;
  • management of external suppliers (including hosting);
  • records of software and licence agreements;
  • record of all domain names and sub-domains registered;
  • record of permissions granted by third parties for links to their websites;
  • record of intellectual property rights permissions obtained for materials such as text, graphics, audio and video clips;
  • management of passwords.

Managing your site checklist

  • Do you have an effective content management strategy?
  • Is your bulletin board or discussion group moderated effectively?
  • Do you have a clear acceptable use policy on the site?
  • Are the day-to-day operational responsibilities clearly assigned?
  • Has the site been integrated into your contingency planning?
  • Do you have an appropriate security policy?
  • Will you receive useful data to enable you to evaluate the success of your site?
  • How frequently will the site be evaluated?
  • Do you have a full set of management documentation?

Last updated: 29/04/08