Working in partnership

Here we provide guidance for working in partnership with NHS and third parties.

 Working with NHS partners

If more than one NHS organisation is involved in your trust, we prefer that you use the NHS logo once only.

For example: if an annual report is being published for your children's trust, your local authority logo could appear top left, and the NHS logo top right. You could also include a list of NHS member organisations elsewhere on the page outside the NHS logo exclusion zone.

Working with third party partners

If you have a number of organisations working within your trust, you need to keep your branding simple. A myriad of logos will only confuse the public, and you shouldn’t feel compelled to include all member logos on your materials.

For example: your children's trust may look at developing a website that your local authority would host, but on which all trust members need to be recognised. If you only have a few member organisations, you could create a small ‘trust partners’ section on the home page showing all the relevant logos. However, if you have numerous trust members then maybe a separate page, such as an 'About Anytown Children's Trust' page, would be needed. In this case you could list all members and include an explanation of their involvement in your trust.

Last updated: 24/06/08