This guidance has been developed for dentists providing NHS dentistry, to help introduce the NHS identity consistently within the dentistry environment.



Dentists and the NHS identity

Dentists are an integral part of primary care and the NHS. Using the NHS identity on your corporate materials will help you to highlight your role to the public, and to identify yourself as a provider of NHS services and information.

In a pilot programme dentists told us use of the NHS identity would help:

  • Identify dentists as part of the NHS family, recognising their role in delivering NHS services
  • Attract new, irregular and exempt patients and passers by
  • Dentists to be seen as more caring and more trustworthy by patients

The same consultation found that use of the NHS logo would reassure patients that they would not be overcharged for their treatment and the services they received would be delivered in line with NHS values.

This is part of a wider strategy to introduce the NHS identity at all levels of primary care to increase visibility of, and to improve access to, the full range of NHS services.


Why introduce the NHS identity into your dental surgery?

There are compelling reasons for introducing the NHS identity into your dental surgery:

  • Over 95% of the general public recognise the NHS logo, associating it with high levels of trust and credibility.
  • Using the NHS logo identifies you to the public as an integral part of the NHS delivering key NHS services.
  • As you continue to deliver more NHS services, the identity will help in increasing visibility of your valuable role.


Where can I use the NHS logo?

The NHS logo is a registered trademark. As a dentist, you can only use it in accordance with these guidelines on the following materials:

  • External signage
  • Stationery
  • Appointment cards
  • Leaflets, posters and brochures containing solely information about NHS services provided

You can only use the NHS logo and dentistry descriptor line on materials providing information solely on the NHS services you provide.

Last updated: 09/10/08