Name badges

Badges are a good way of communicating your role and the roles of your colleagues to patients.

Badges need to clearly identify the name and job description. You can also include your photograph if you wish. Consider the following when ordering your badges.

  • whether to include both your first name and your surname
  • using your job description such as receptionist or dental hygienist helps people recognise how you can help them
  • include the practice name


Key points for creating badges

When creating NHS dentistry badges, you must:

  • Only use an original digital graphics file for the NHS logo. You can download the NHS logo from this website.
  • Follow the general rules for positioning, sizing and use of the exclusion zone set out in these brand guidelines. If this is not possible, follow the spirit of the guidelines as closely as you can.
  • Use Frutiger Roman or Frutiger Bold in NHS Blue (Pantone® 300), black or white when writing your descriptor text or other information.

Name badge visual

Last updated: 04/06/10