General Practitioners

Here you will find all the information you need about applying the NHS brand to your general practice.

You can print and/or download all of these guidelines by clicking on the PDF link on this page.

Your general practice and the NHS brand

These guidelines show you how to use the NHS brand in your surgery or clinic. We have developed these guidelines in response to specific need. This need has come from:

  • GP surgeries and primary care trusts (PCTs) asking us how to use the NHS brand within their surgeries.
  • Research showing the importance of helping the public to identify NHS services and information – particularly at a time of increasing diversity in healthcare provision.


Why introduce the NHS identity to your general practice?

 Using the NHS logo brings several key benefits:

  • Recognition: over 95% of the general public recognise the NHS logo, associating it with high levels of trust and credibility.
  • Identification: the public value having a clear indication of what is and what is not an NHS service or NHS information. By using the NHS logo you will be able to identify clearly that you are providing an NHS service.
  • Service promotion: among patients, GP surgeries are the most popular part of the NHS. However, people are not always aware of all the NHS services offered at and through general practices. Using the NHS identity will help you to promote the range of NHS services you offer.
  • Cost benefit: by using our nationally negotiated contracts with suppliers, you will experience long-term cost benefits.
  • Consistency and clarity: our national suppliers will also ensure that the NHS identity is correctly applied and introduced. This will help you to be consistent and clear in the way that you use the NHS brand.


What is the basis of the NHS identity?

The NHS identity is based on a set of core values. These are set out in our main introduction section, but in summary our values relate to:

  • Caring for health;
  • Professionalism;
  • Efficiency;
  • Equality;
  • Choice;
  • Responsiveness.

By introducing the NHS identity into your surgery and clinic, you will demonstrate your support for these values.

GP categories

To allow for flexibility and choice, we have worked with PCTs and GP surgeries to define three categories of ‘brand relationship’ that exist between GP surgeries and the NHS. Within these categories, the solutions we have developed enable you to retain the elements of your present identity, such as your logo, typeface or colour, should you want to.

The three categories are:

  • Category A: general practices that want to use the NHS identity only.
  • Category B: general practices that want to continue using their existing identity alongside the NHS identity.
  • Category C: general practices that are managed by their primary care trust and want to continue using their PCT logotype only.

Using these categories will help you to clarify to the public that an NHS service is being offered, and that a surgery is operating within a local PCT area.

You should decide which category suits you best, and follow all relevant information set out in these guidelines. This will help to ensure brand consistency now and in the future.

Last updated: 04/07/08