Patient information

Communication to patients should be clearly identified as coming from the NHS. This applies to letters, information literature and pages on the web relating to NHS treatments. Ideally Primary Care Trust (PCT) branding should be used to communicate accountability.

If a third party provider has a logo, and wants to display, it please follow the guidance in the section Using the NHS logo and your provider logo.

Your patient information materials must also follow our guidance in the section NHS brand values and communications principles.

Please note: For third party providers please consult and agree with your PCT on any patient information you produce.

Other materials

You can only use the NHS logo and descriptor line on materials that relate solely to the NHS services you are providing. You cannot use the NHS logo, with or without the descriptor line, for general promotional purposes, or on materials which are unrelated to the NHS services you provide.

Additional guidance regarding patient information can be found in the Patient information section of this site, including some valuable information on communicating with different patient groups.

Further guidance on how you can tell local people about the local services on offer and how patients can access them can be found in the General Practitioner guidelines section of this site in the Practice leaflets guidance. This includes important considerations you need to keep in mind when producing your practice leaflet.

Last updated: 08/04/10