Publicity materials

Printed materials

Marketing collateral should lead with the NHS identity and if a third party provider wishes to use their own identity please refer to the section on Using the NHS logo and your provider logo. This rule extends to your:

  • patient information materials;
  • posters;
  • leaflets; and
  • patient brochures

GP Centre printed materials cover example

Press releases

When producing press releases that relate solely to the provision of NHS services, please follow the guidance for using the NHS logo. Please always ensure that the content of all press releases is agreed with all relevant stakeholders. This includes the Primary Care Trust (PCT) and the Department of Health.

Cinema and TV advertising

Please refer to the Code of Practice for guidance and consult your PCT.


Please refer to the Code of Practice for guidance on sponsorship and consult your PCT.

Display advertising

You can add the NHS logo and any descriptor line to display advertising that covers information solely about NHS services.

You cannot use the NHS logo on any advertising materials which are not directly related to the provision of NHS services or contain information on any other services. Please refer to the NHS guidelines and ASA code of practice for guidance. Please also ensure you have approval from the PCT.

Recruitment advertising

For guidance on how to apply the NHS brand to recruitment advertising, please refer to the section of the guidelines on recruitment advertising.

You should read this section in conjunction with our guidelines on the NHS logo, NHS typefaces and the guidance on your local logotype. Follow the general rules of logo and logotype positioning, sizing and use of the exclusion zone set out in these sections.

You should also keep our communications principles in mind at all times.

Last updated: 26/04/10