Uniforms can help identify staff and services. The specifications for branding uniforms for GP Health Centres are outlined here, however third party providers should always refer to their commisioning PCT for final approval.

Key points for uniforms

When applying the NHS brand or logotype to uniforms, you must:

  • Only use an original digital graphics file for the NHS logo or your local PCT logotype. You can download the NHS logo from this website.
  • Follow the general rules of positioning, sizing and use of the exclusion zone set out in these brand guidelines. If this is not possible, follow the spirit of the guidelines as closely as you can.
  • Reproduce the PCT NHS logotype in its original colours, ie NHS Blue (Pantone® 300). However, if the blue base of your garment material is close to NHS Blue, the logo will not be clearly visible. In this instance, the logo can be ‘reversed out’ (put in a white box with blue lettering).
  • Reproduce your logotype in its original colours, ie NHS Blue and black unless the blue base of your garment material is close to NHS Blue. If so, the NHS logo can be reversed out and used on its own and should be positioned on the right-hand side of the garment. The name of your organisation should then be placed on the left-hand side.
  • Use Frutiger Roman or Frutiger Bold in NHS Blue, black or white when writing your organisation name, descriptor text or other information.
  • Where practical, position all descriptive text and other information in the top left-hand corner of the garment.
  • If a third party provider logo is required, please follow the logo placement guidence shown here.



PCT NHS logo

  • Size: the height of the NHS logo on uniforms is 2.5cm. 
  • Position: as shown
  • Colour: NHS Blue (Pantone® 300) – positive or reversed


Provider logo

  • Size: A provider logo or logotype should not be larger than the NHS lozenge. This is determined by the height of the NHS lozenge (shown as X)
  • Position: as shown
  • Colour: print using organisation’s corporate colours, or black, or reversed white on darker uniforms


Name of GP Health Centre

  • Typeface: Frutiger Bold
  • Position: aligned left. Please note: the centre name can appear across two lines if necessary
  • Colour: NHS Blue (Pantone® 300), or reversed white out of a blue uniform

NHS uniform example

PCT uniform for GPHCs example 1

PCT uniform for GPHCs example 2

Last updated: 26/04/10