NHS logotypes

Using of local NHS trust logotype

All NHS trusts use their own local NHS logotypes. An NHS logotype is made up of the NHS logo, a local organisation name and an organisation descriptor.

If you are providing services in conjunction with a local NHS trust, for example if you are delivering a service in an existing NHS facility, it could be more appropriate to use a local NHS logotype rather than the national NHS logo.

Please note: you would not be expected to provide an explanatory statement on signage. Use of a local logotype is subject to consultation and agreement with your host trust.

If you are using a local NHS logotype on stationery, patient information or other materials, where possible you should clearly explain the relationship between your organisation and the local NHS trust. You should also explain your role in providing NHS services, for example:

‘X NHS Treatment Centre is run by X Healthcare working within X NHS Trust’

Last updated: 10/07/08