Principles and guidelines for producing uniforms are usually agreed at a local level. But here is some general branding guidance you may find useful.


NHS logo

  • Size: the height of the NHS logo on uniforms is 2.5cm. 
  • Position: as shown
  • Colour: NHS Blue (Pantone® 300) – positive or reversed


Provider logo

  • Size: determined by the width of the NHS logo (shown as Y)
  • Position: as shown
  • Colour: print using organisation’s corporate colours, or black, or reversed white on darker uniforms


Name of NHS Treatment or Diagnostic Centre

  • Typeface: Frutiger Bold
  • Position: aligned left. Please note: the centre name must always appear across two lines
  • Colour: NHS Blue (Pantone® 300), or reversed white out of a blue uniform

Last updated: 19/11/08