Other branding opportunities

There are many more ways you could give prominence to the NHS identity on a building site, such as using flags and banners, or setting up a portable on-site office.

Here are some more examples of branding opportunities that you may want to include in your contract specification.

Portable buildings (on-site offices)



  • Colour: NHS Blue (Pantone® 300) (best match paint reference: BSI 18E53).

Portable building visual




  • Type of print: screen-printed.
  • NHS logo: NHS Blue logo.

Flag visual




  • Type of print: screen or electrostatically printed.
  • Colour: NHS Blue.
  • NHS logo: NHS reversed-out logo.
  • Size of NHS logo: must be in proportion to the size of the banner. Make sure it is legible from a distance.
  • Position of NHS logo: top right-hand corner.

Banner example




  • Colour: white.
  • NHS logo: NHS Blue logo.


Signs and notices

We use signs and public notices to apologise for the disruption caused by building work. Consider co-branding the sign or notice with your main contractor.



  • Position of NHS logo: top right-hand corner.
  • Font: Frutiger (or Arial if Frutiger is not available).
  • Text colour: NHS Blue or black on a white background.

Signs and notices example

Last updated: 28/04/08