Protective clothing

On a building site, it’s important that all staff and visitors wear protective clothing at all times.

  • Contracted or sub-contracted employees should use their own branded protective clothing.
  • NHS employees and NHS visitors must use NHS-branded protective clothing, including an NHS-branded safety helmet and an NHS-branded fluorescent tabard, vest or jacket.

The relevant NHS organisation is responsible for providing any protective clothing at its own cost. Make sure that all protective clothing complies with health and safety and other site regulations.

Safety helmets

Our preferred safety helmets are white with the standard blue NHS logo.

If the standard helmets are not available, use the NHS blue safety helmets with a reversed-out NHS logo.


Safety helmet specifications

  • Size of NHS logo: 40mm high.
  • Type of sticker: vinyl.
  • Position of sticker: centrally on the front of the hat.

Tabards, vests and jackets

We use fluorescent tabards, vests and jackets with the NHS logo on the front and back.


Tabards, vests and jackets specifications



  • Size of NHS logo: 30mm in height.
  • Position of NHS logo: on the right-hand side.



  • Size of NHS logo: 100mm in height.
  • Position of NHS logo: centrally, between the shoulders.


Protective clothing visual

Last updated: 28/04/08