Foundation trusts

Here are the NHS brand guidelines for foundation trusts.

You can print and/or download all of these guidelines by clicking on the PDF link on this page.


Although NHS foundation trusts have independent status within the NHS, their main purpose is to operate in a system that upholds the values and principles of the NHS.

If you are part of an NHS foundation trust, you will have locally agreed, legally binding contract arrangements with host PCTs. These include a clause on abiding by the NHS brand guidance.

If you want to be considered for authorisation as an NHS foundation trust, you must secure the support of the Secretary of State before you apply to Monitor (the independent regulator of NHS foundation trusts). In seeking the support of the Secretary of State, you will have to undergo a public consultation process with your local community and key stakeholder groups.

Some NHS trusts may choose to use their bid for foundation status to consult on a name change and should follow the guidance set out in the naming section of this website. Once authorisation has been granted by Monitor, the Department of Health branding team will send you a new NHS logotype.

You should use your new NHS logotype in all circumstances when providing NHS services, including for branding facilities, services and communications materials. Such materials include:

  • Signage
  • Uniforms
  • Stationery
  • Annual reports
  • Patient information
  • Marketing materials
  • Websites
  • Badges
  • Vehicles
  • Recruitment advertising.

Your trust can make the transition to your new identity when it is practically and economically feasible to do so, for example when you have exhausted existing supplies of stationery or want to update property such as signage through planned replacement programmes.

For all materials that you produce, you must follow the NHS corporate identity guidelines set out on this website.

Using the NHS corporate identity correctly makes it easy for patients and the public to be reassured that NHS foundation trusts are part of the NHS family, providing NHS services in line with its values.

This section sets out how the NHS corporate identity should be used across all of your communication materials and covers signage, stationery, badges, uniformsand vehicles.

Please note: you should only apply the NHS logo/your NHS logotype to your NHS facilities, services and information. You may not use the NHS logo on any private services you offer or any associated marketing of these services.

Last updated: 03/07/12