Non-statutory organisations

Here are the NHS brand guidelines for non-statutory organisations.

You can print and/or download all of these guidelines by clicking on the PDF link on this page.

Non-statutory organisations are service-providing bodies. They are not legal entities in their own right, but are accountable to, and/or funded by, a single NHS organisation or a partnership between different organisations.

Examples of non-statutory organisations include:

  • NHS walk-in-centres;
  • NHS run treatment centres;
  • Dental access centres;
  • Health promotion units;
  • Primary care support agencies;
  • Units within an NHS Trust;
  • Multi-trust working groups.

By using the NHS corporate identity correctly, you will help to reassure the public and patients that our treatment centres, walk-in centres and other units are part of the NHS family, providing NHS services in line with NHS values. These guidelines cover signage, stationery and property (uniforms and vehicles).

Last updated: 24/09/08