Here are the NHS brand guidelines for pharmacies delivering NHS services.

We have produced this guidance to help you apply the NHS identity within your pharmacy environment and across your corporate materials. Our guidelines will help you to identify your pharmacy as delivering NHS services, and will work with your existing identity if you have one.

You can print and/or download all of these guidelines by clicking on the PDF link on this page.

Pharmacies and the NHS identity

Pharmacies are an integral part of primary care and the NHS. Using the NHS identity on your corporate materials will help you to highlight your role to the public, and to identify yourself as a provider of NHS services and information.

We have found that there is a specific need for guidelines explaining how the NHS identity can be used by pharmacies.

This need has come from:

  • Pharmacies wanting to be identified as part of the NHS family: pharmacies play a valuable role in delivering NHS services, and this role should be recognised.
  • Pharmacists asking us how to use the NHS identity within their pharmacies to identify themselves as providers of NHS services.
  • Research which shows how important it is to clarify to the public what is what is not an NHS service or NHS information.

These guidelines support the document A Vision for Pharmacy, which highlights the role the NHS identity can play in supporting the integration of community pharmacies within the NHS.

This is part of a wider strategy to introduce the NHS identity at all levels of primary care to increase visibility of, and to improve access to, the full range of NHS services.

Why introduce the NHS identity into your pharmacy?

 There are compelling reasons for introducing the NHS identity into your pharmacy:

  • Over 95% of the general public recognise the NHS logo, associating it with high levels of trust and credibility.
  • Using the NHS logo identifies you to the public as an integral part of the NHS delivering key NHS services.
  • As you continue to deliver more NHS services, the identity will help in increasing visibility of your valuable role.

What is the basis of the NHS identity?

The NHS identity is based on a set of core values. These are set out in our main introduction section, but in summary our values relate to:

  • Caring for Health
  • Professionalism
  • Efficiency
  • Equality
  • Choice
  • Responsiveness

By introducing the NHS identity into your pharmacy, you will demonstrate your support for these values.

Where can I use the NHS logo?

The NHS logo is a registered trademark. As a pharmacy, you can only use it in accordance with these guidelines on the following materials:

  • External fascias
  • Window vinyls
  • Window banners
  • Internal panels
  • Prescription bags
  •  ’A’ boards
  • Leaflets and posters containing solely information about NHS services provided
  • Corporate websites
  • Stationery
  • Uniforms

You cannot use the NHS logo on pharmacy promotional or advertising materials.

Last updated: 07/10/08