Prescription labels

You can use the NHS logo on prescription labels for NHS prescriptions. If you do decide to add the logo to your labels, please make sure that you follow these guidelines closely.

Please note: when it comes to prescription labels, for reasons of space, only the NHS logo is used.


The specifications for using the NHS logo on prescription labels are as follows:

  • Original artwork: you must use an original artwork version of the NHS logo, and you can  download the logo here. Do not attempt to recreate the logo in any way.
  • Logo size: on prescription labels, the minimum height for the NHS logo is 4.25mm.
  • Positioning:in an exception to the general rule, the NHS logo must be positioned in the bottom left-hand corner of the label.
  • Exclusion zone: observe an exclusion zone around the NHS logo, equal to the height of the NHS logo.
  • Colour: the NHS logo should always be printed in our corporate colour, NHS Blue (Pantone® 300), or black. You must never reproduce the NHS logo in your own corporate colour.

Last updated: 01/06/10