Tower crane signs

When using tower cranes on a building site, consider branding them with the NHS identity.

Tower crane specifications

  • Size of NHS logo: do not make the logo smaller than 1000mm in height, unless you believe the location and the height of the crane allows it.
  • Position of NHS logo: make sure the logo appears both on the cross-member counter balance and the tower section.
  • Colour: if the logo appears on a NHS Blue background, you should use the reversed-out logo, ie a white lozenge with NHS Blue lettering. See below for examples of how to produce the NHS logo.
  • Safety: make sure the sign is securely and safely attached to the crane, and does not affect the safe working of the crane. The sign must also comply with health and safety and other site regulations.


Co-branding a tower crane

When co-branding a tower crane sign, always make sure the NHS logo:

  • has, at the very least, equal prominence to the contractor’s logo;
  • appears on the right-hand side of a co-branded tower crane sign.

Tower crane co-branding visual

Last updated: 29/04/08