NHS logotypes

All Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs) and all new PCTs have logotypes based around the NHS logo.

The essential elements

Your NHS logotype is made up of two components. These are:

  • The NHS logo;
  • Your organisation name, positioned below the NHS logo.


Your NHS logotype and the NHS logo

As an NHS organisation, you should use your own NHS logotype to demonstrate ownership of and accountability for materials that you produce.

You can use the NHS logo on its own, but you should always ensure that the name of your organisation appears somewhere on your materials. You can also use the NHS logo on its own if there is not enough space for your organisation logotype.


The exclusion zone

The exclusion zone is the clear area around your logotype in which nothing else should appear. It helps to ensure clarity and readability and improve the overall impact of your logotype. You must not insert any additional words, images or graphic details within the exclusion zone.

This clear space (X) is proportional and defined as the height of the NHS logo.



You can reproduce your NHS logotype in NHS Blue and black, or even just black, when printing on a solid NHS Yellow or white background. On other coloured backgrounds, logotypes should preferably be printed white out of the background.

Ordering your logotype

You can order your NHS logotype free of charge by filling out our online order form.

If the name of your organisation is too long for its designated space, a second two-line version will be supplied. If your local name is short, only one version will be supplied. Your communications team should have an original copy of your logotype artwork, so check with them before making your order.

Last updated: 19/08/08