Primary care trusts (PCTs)

Here are the NHS brand guidelines for PCTs wishing to present themselves as NHS Local/Anyshire rather than Local/Anyshire PCT.

You can print and/or download all of these guidelines by clicking on the PDF link on this page.


Following consultation with primary care trusts (PCTs) and other stakeholders and the publication of Lord Darzi’s NHS Next Stage Review report PCTs may now choose to present themselves as NHS ‘Local/Anyshire’ rather than ‘Local/Anyshire’ Primary Care Trust. This is to better reflect their increasing role as local leaders of the NHS and the need to play a greater public facing role and engage their local populations. Further background information on this change can be found on the Department of Health website.

In order to keep costs to a minimum, we would advise that PCTs wishing to make the transition to the new identity, do so when it is practically and economically feasible, by exhausting existing supplies of stationery and updating property signage etc. through planned replacement programmes. 


Use of the full PCT legal name

This new branding solution does not change the full legal name of the PCT.  

PCTs must therefore continue to use their full legal names as set out in their Establishment Orders i.e. Anyshire Primary Care Trust. The full legal name must appear on all materials produced by the PCT, for example, it could appear in the first line of the address, or in the footer of corporate stationery. Please see the stationery section for examples.The full legal name must also be used in all commercial and legal transactions including on bank accounts and all legal documents such as contracts.


Name changes

PCTs wishing to to change their NHS logotype must inform their Strategic Health Authority Director of Communications. PCTs adopting the new branding solution should retain their current names in their new logotype e.g. Liverpool Primary Care Trust would become NHS Liverpool. Any PCT wishing to change its name would need to follow the usual process to change its name via its establishment order.  Please see the name change section for more details.

Last updated: 28/05/10