Design styles and initiatives

The NHS identity plays a key role in helping to signpost NHS services and giving patients and the public confidence in the treatment, information and advice they receive.

But as the NHS begins to offer greater choice to patients, many trusts and other NHS organisations have identified a need to develop a more distinctive image and to raise awareness of their services.

This guidance will help you to create a specific design style for a programme, initiative, or their organisation as a whole that still complies with the NHS identity.

A design style is not about creating a new brand or designing a new logo, but it is a way to create a distinctive look and feel relevant to local needs.

Local design style

A unique NHS branded look and feel, combining the NHS colour palette, typeface, imagery and possibly a graphic device, and used to represent the NHS identity at a local level.

Graphic device

An element of a design style that can be reproduced in a variety of formats and settings to increase recognition and create a sense of familiarity. A graphic device may be used as part of a design style but should never be used on its own or to replace the NHS logo.

Last updated: 02/06/10

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