Making your life easier

To save you time and cost, we’ve pulled together a selection of resources in this section, ranging from guidance on communicating with patients, to ready made design templates.

PowerPoint templates

General guidance on using the NHS identity on PowerPoint presentations, as well as access to specific templates we’ve created for PowerPoint that you can customise for your organisation.

National suppliers

A selection of approved national suppliers for ambulance uniforms, protective clothing, signage and other uniforms and work wear. 

Download the NHS logo

You can download the artwork for the NHS logo to your PC or Apple Mac, in line with our conditions of usage.

Order logo artwork

You can order your artwork, free of charge. The format of your logo will depend on what type of organisation you are.

Other resources

Get information and guidance on a range of topics, such as producing posters, writing a print spec or producing better letters. There’s also a glossary of the words and phrases used on this site.

Design styles and initiatives

Guidance to help you to create a specific design style for a programme, initiative, or your organisation as a whole that still complies with the NHS identity. Case studies demonstrate how other NHS organisations have created their own local design style.

Communications partnerships

Guidance on entering into a communications partnership, such as how to define the objectives of a potential partnership and weigh up the benefits and risks.

Patient information toolkit

A selection of resources to help you produce effective and high-quality information for patients, including checklists and templates and guidance on communicating with different patient groups.

Last updated: 02/06/10

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