The NHS is a huge and diverse organisation. We employ a vast number of people, and we communicate with many more.

Whether they are visiting our premises, using our services, meeting our staff or simply noticing us at work in the community, we want people to know who we are and what we do. By using a common brand and design style, we will enable people to recognise the NHS at all times.

This section looks at how we mark our property: our buildings, our uniforms and the things we own. Property varies in size, shape and function, and we don’t aim to cover every example of NHS property on this website. But we do aim to set out the general principles that will help you to communicate our identity through your core property items.

Our signature

The NHS logo is our signature, our mark of ownership. It should be applied to property whenever you want people to identify and recognise NHS services, for example:

  • at the front and reception areas of buildings;
  • on staff name badges and security passes;
  • on staff uniforms;
  • on vehicles and ambulances.

In addition to our logo, our typefaces and colours will help to communicate key information about the NHS to patients and the public.

You should read this section in conjunction with our guidelines on the NHS logo, NHS typefaces, the NHS colour palette as well as the guidance about your local logotype.

You should also keep our communications principles in mind at all times.

Last updated: 02/07/08

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